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ISP’s (internet service providers) promise us the world: uncapped, unshaped, unthrottled, better speed, better performance, etc. If this is true, then why are so many people complaining about hitting “CAP” Capacity? This is because now we have a service called “True Uncapped”. As if the word uncapped didn’t actually mean what it does. Uncapped means unlimited, where the sky is the limit, or so we thought.

Terms and conditions, the thing we all just scan over at the most. I can’t remember the last time I read the T&C’s can you? Well this is where they catch you, the advertisement says, “UNCAPPED internet at a great price” and you jump, before you know it you have signed your contract and the debit orders start flying. Little do you know that somewhere hidden between all that documentation does it say “fair usage” and faster than you can think you are out of “CAP” and either they Throttle your internet (slow it down) or they just cut you off.

You then phone costumer service and the excuses start. You see ISP’s are smart that way, they play the “blame shift” game, send you from one department to another and its never anyone’s fault. How is it so hard for them just to own up and say, “sorry we will fix it right away” and then just give you a call to follow up the same day to make sure it’s all sorted? That’s because you didn’t read the T&C’s again because in there, they use the phrase “best effort”, now there shouldn’t be anything wrong with this phrase.

ISP’s provide internet so best effort should be stable working internet, that should be the minimum requirement. Let’s not sugar coat this whole situation some ISP’s are overpromising and underdelivering and somehow, we have gotten used to it, but now they are using “shady” advertising as well? Where does it stop?

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