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I recently attended a digital marketing conference, that was both fascinating and terrifying. Fascinating due to the extent of information that is readily available, the terrifying part is anyone willing to spend a little (Ps it’s not a little) can get information beyond your belief. This sparked my interest in the subject and after doing a bit of research and watching a documentary called “The Great hack”. All of this just reassured me that user information is way to detailed and way too easy to obtain.

The problem with is, is that companies can time their ad’s the exact moment that will make you want it the most. An example of this is in the internet industry you get what’s called a speed test. This Web application when used can tell you what your latency, upload and download speed is. Cool hay? But 90% of people use speed test when they are experiencing slow or troublesome internet, now marketers use this opportunity to put a local AD into there so that you conveniently find it there.

Now all you have to do is click and all your problems will miraculously go away. See this gives companies with the money the edge over the companies with the reputation and you end up with the same problem 2 months down the line. In a previous segment I wrote I spoke about service and how it’s not something that is being stressed enough. Pinpoint marketing is a fancy way of saying that this ad we made is just for you and believe you me they know exactly why at you want and when you want it.

So, the question is when does marketing turn into manipulation?

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