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Our Uncapped Internet Services are Unshaped and Un-throttled without any Caps or fair usage policies. Offering you super-fast, undiluted Internet at home – as it’s meant to be! From streaming movies and tv series to having a home office where you work from, Crisp Fibre can provide you with some of the best fibre and wireless internet for your needs. Internet to the Home is home use broadband that enables you to stream your movies and series in the convenience of your house. Affordable and scaleable to suits all your needs.

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Fibre to the Home is home use broadband fibre that enables you to stream your movies and series in the convenience of your house. Affordable and scaleable to what you need.
  • 10mb Uncapped: R599.00
  • 20mb Uncapped: R799.00
  • 40mb Uncapped: R999.00
  • 100mb Uncapped: R1299.00


Using the latest Fixed Wireless Broadband technologies and backed by our fibre backbone. Uncapped and Unshaped internet to all homes.
  • 4mb Uncapped: R599.00
  • 6mb Uncapped: R799.00
  • 8mb Uncapped: R999.00
  • 10mb Uncapped: R1100.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are two types of wired broadband services in South Africa: Traditional copper (ADSL/VDSL)and Next Generation Fibre Optics. Copper based broadband connections are built on the original aging Telkom copper telephone network, which has been upgraded to carry internet signals. Whereas fibre connections have been specifically designed to provide homeowners with incredibly high speed, low latency internet connections. Fibre optic cables consist of thousands of strands of glass. Each strand is no thicker than a human hair and each strand can transmit data at unlimited speeds.

Fibre to the Home (FTTH) is defined as an access network architecture in which the final connection to the subscriber’s premises is optical fibre. The fibre optic cable is terminated on or inside the premises boundary for the purpose of carrying communication services to a single subscriber.

Fibre is the fastest technology available, fibre is symmetrical - Your upload and download speeds are the same. Fibre increases the value of your property, fibre’s capabilities are virtually limitless. Fibre connections can simultaneously handle: Voice traffic, Video traffic, Internet traffic You'll never need to install another connection again!

Crisp Fibre will install a distribution fibre into the sever room in your estate. From there, we will build a fibre route to each unit. Fibre will be activated in each home who subscribes to services from Crisp Fibre or one of our open access partners. When a resident subscribes to the Crisp Fibre FTTH service, an installer will install and configure a wireless router on-site and help the resident connect their devices to the network. Once connected to a router, data and voice packets are then transmitted at the speed of light via your fibre connection to Crisp Fibre' nearest data centre where you then breakout to the internet.

Wayleaves (Approval from all other service providers i.e water,sewerage, electricity etc.) and planning can take up to 90 days to be approved. Once approved we can begin trenching to the estate which will take 6-8 weeks.

Capped Products do not have a Fair Usage Policy. Premium Uncapped products do not have a Fair Usage Policy, Standard packages are subject to fair usage.

The physical installation will take between 2-4 hours depending on the complexity of the installation.

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